Magento Development Experts Guide To Use Magento 2

Magento 1 was superb, but currently mangento development Indian experts are talking about the success of Magento 2 for building online marketplace. When Magento 2 was officially announced, developers never knew that it will become the most preferable platform in the ecommerce game. Today, it is considered as a sweet treat for ecommerce retailers.

Magento development experts guide to use Magento 2

It was an icing on the cake when Magento 2 was released in both Community and Enterprise editions. But people still ask why Magento needed the new version and why Magento 1 was not enough for developers. It is not like Magento 1 was not enough, but yes, there are some upgrade made to the latest version.

The sophistication in Magento was an expected choice for small ecommerce stores that handle minimal sales. There were some drawbacks that made things difficult for large scale online stores.

Some drawbacks that made Magento 2 preferable choice are-

  1. Magento 1 was not written on Zend framework
  2. The basic customizations were easy, but advanced customizations were beyond the novice’s expertise and skills
  3. Magento users suffered a lot as they were unable to share it freely.
  4. Unlike BigCommerce, Magento requires more system space and memory

Differences between Magento 2 and Magento 1

Magento 2 was introduced with objective of empowering brands and ecommerce retailers with more elements to convey promising omni channel shopping experiences.

magento continues to be hosted on its legacy of open source that offer enhanced flexibility to programmers and integration providers.

Features available in Magento 2

Experts bundle the Magento 2 with interesting features for both customers and admins.

For customers-

  • Magento 2 : Smooth checkout process – Magento 2 can pick up debit/credit card vendors specifically by recognizing the digit numbers in the first block of the number. The guest checkout option is also become easy to pickup entire use information based on the email used previously. Moreover, payment gateway integrations is also release with magento 2 that further add to the convenience of customer payments.
  • Swift page loading speed – It is 20% faster than the Magento 1.
  • Delightful shopping experiences – There is drastic reduction of unnecessary steps that affected speedy transactions in magento 1.

For admins

  • Productivity boosting control panel
  • Uncompromising scalability performance
  • Fuss free maintenance and upgrades

Magento 2 compatibility with other third party platforms and integrations is also great.

Expert Magento developers shared this post to let you know about changes made to the latest Magento 2 version. Feel free to ask the questions related to magento development in comments.

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