Guidelines for Fixing Most Common Issues in Magento 2

Nothing is perfect in this world. Even the smartest of all sometimes makes a mistake. Making mistake is not bad but not fixing it is. There are several issues at our personal end which we face every day but nothing compares to the pain we get when our software starts giving trouble. Our entire office and factory work can get held up if problem occurs in our software.


Use of Magento has been tremendous due to which Magento 2 was launched in the year 2015 keeping the aim to provide modernize ways to take the businesses to new pinnacles. However many issues raised with the users of Magento 2, many of them are stated below with their solutions:

  • Installation: Its installation is not easy as many find it tricky and confusing. To overcome such situation you first need to download sample data from a reliable source and then install sample data for fluent installation.
  • Re-Indexing: There are more than 2 indexes which are invalid in Magento 2. You shall be assured that your Magento cron job is running. You need to write proper commands in order to resolve the index issue.
  • PHP settings: It is the most common issue that comes while getting started with Magento 2. You need to re-configure your php.ini settings so that it doesn’t show the error again.
  • Routing Problem: This problem occurs while you enters the page and gets a redirected loop error. This mainly occurs due to error when browser doesn’t support the cookies. This can be solved by going to control panel and opening database. If the database is open locate core_config_data and open it. After doing this upper side of the table has path and value. Find column web/unsecure/base_url and web/secure/base_url is located. Change both the values from http://localhost/*foldername*/ to http://*foldername*/.
  • Systems Compatibility with Magento 2: Before starting to download Magento 2 it is advisable to check your systems compatibility with Magento 2. Lot of extension made for M.2.1 might not support Magento 2.
  • Static cache clearance: It is highly recommended to clear the static cache after installation. By using following command you can effectively clear all the static cache System > Cache Management > Flush Static Files Cache.
  • Functionalities: Before downloading it is better to install and apply the extension your store, checking of functionalities is very important at it may clatter with existing extensions.

Keeping all the above stated issues one should take all the necessary measures before using Magento 2. With increase of use of Magento versions Magento development India is becoming essential. Many e-commerce sites are favoring Magento platform which makes Magento development India really important.

More and more developers are now learning the skills related to Magento which helps in Magento development company in India. India is becoming a place where so many of multi-national companies are investing huge amounts and e-commerce sites businesses are on boom so in order to make it a fruitful situation for all the investors the e-commerce companies are using Magento platform making  Magento development a grand success.



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